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n 2004 Kundalini Project started his journey into a psychedelic trance, developing his style and creating a blend of unique dark atmospheres with energetic grooves.

his first track "Screams of Nature" (Dark Records) was released in 2007. Receiving support from DJ's around the world including the founder of the goa trance scene Goa Gil.


In 2008 Kundalini Project publish his first solo album "Ancient Ritual" and performed at various festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.

He used this opportunity to present his vision and experience and sharing the stage with some of the best names in the psytrance scene such as Cosmo, Kindzadza, Ocelot, Naked Tourist, Digicult and many more. 


In 2011 he released "Escape from Babylon" remixing famous reggae tunes as Police in Helicopter, Time so Hard, Jah Jah City that was an instant success, going viral on youtube.

Looking to expand his creative experiences and curiosities of the world, he released his 2nd album in 2012. Titled "World Contamination" this album explores downtempo beats, world music and covers everything. Latin, Asian, Eastern European, whatever has influenced him on his travels.


In 2013 traveling and playing in India he released "Jaipur Train". Once again showing his interest in the pursuit of blending new sounds combining heavyweights beats and synthesizers.

Deciding to Move to Australia in 2015 created a new spark for his passion for music production. And in 2016 he had his first appearance at Earthcore, one of Australia's oldest and largest outdoor festivals. 


Finally, after more than 3 years of silence, Kundalini Project is back again with new material. Future Mantras  EP is the example. An immersive journey, mixing traditional Indian instruments with modern beats and grooves.

Featuring 4 tracks, EP will bring you into a new space of consciousness, where his atmospheres and beats will give you a new vision of world music. This is just the beginning of a new drive in the Kundalini Project